“I have a rescue beagle. People told me beagles can't me trained. Well after recall and scent classes I've got a new relationship with the dog. We've enjoyed everything we've done and hope to keep up with lots different training classes. Also, the monthly beagle meet is fantastic!”

Sarah Miller

“Brilliant training. Loulou has been transformed and is now a wonderful dog to have around. Can't recommend more highly.”

Alexandra Lines

“Without Lyn and the fantastic team at Happy Dogs, my dog would not be the wonderful companion he is. The training we were given was amazing. I was given sensible, practical advice and the lessons we attended were informative and, most importantly fun! Lyn is totally committed to all the dogs she works with and I have her and Happy Dogs to thank for making my first experience of dog ownership so wonderful.”

Keely Friend

“My dog, Betsy and I went and joined in one of Happy Dogs 'Walkabout Wednesday' sessions, it was so nice to chat with other dog lovers while the dogs ran around with each other. We can't wait for the next walk!”

Libbi Murphy