All of our workshops run for two hours on on either a Saturday or a Sunday and cost £55.00. Spaces are always limited so you must reserve your space in advance. To get the latest dates for all of our workshops please contact us via email. Our email address can be found at the top of this page.
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Hoopers is a relatively new sport that has started to spread from America, into Europe and now to the UK shores here in Enfield. It takes a lot of basics from Agility but removes the need for jumps or contact equipment and replaces them with hooped gates for the dog to run through so there is minimum impact on your dog’s limbs. This makes it ideal for any type of dog to take part in, from puppies who will want to learn Agility when they are old enough, up to retired agility dogs, and dogs returning from injury. It focuses on learning distance control and directional commands, hoops, tunnels and send arounds. This is a sport that is set to make Agility more accessible to all dogs no matter their age or breed. Each Hoopers workshop lasts two hours and aims to add skills that work towards either the puppy, bronze or silver Hoopers awards.



In this workshop we work at the dog & owners pace and within their comfort zone to introduce & expose them slowly and gradually with positive reward to environmental changes, different situations, people, dogs, noises, all the things that some dogs may find quite stressful or worrying. Gain the skills to work under your dog’s threshold where they can learn to be comfortable in the presence of other dogs. Learn to recognise their tolerances, reduce anxiety using focus, distraction techniques and name recognition. There are limited spaces in these workshops to ensure each dog and handler has space to work in and one to one time with the instructor, we work out on the field and in our secure woodland area. Using positive methods based around treats, toys, voice and touch our aim is to help you and your dog build confidence and change your dog’s emotional response to fear-causing or over stimulating experiences. Suitable for dogs that are over or under reactive to different environments or distractions.



Scent beginners is great fun for all dogs, teach your dog how to use their nose in a positive way through various seen and unseen search levels. During the workshop you will have an introduction to scent objects and learn how to teach your dog’s how to do a basic find with a search word, we will then progress the level of search and ultimately end up with your dog finding their chosen scent in vehicles, buildings, luggage and postal objects. For the dogs moving onto the intermediate workshop, we shall be using your previous scent or a new one if you wish to swap, to hide in different areas and objects increasing the difficulty and even introducing some decoy scents, the areas will include, luggage, vehicle, postal, garden, people and property.



As an experienced gun dog handler Lyn will take you through the requirements needed by and you and your dog to be able to attend a shoot or participate in working tests, or if you would like to come along just for the learning experience and to give your dog a chance to really use their brain and steady them to distractions. This workshop is really beneficial for working breeds, we will introduce your dog to retrieving fur and feathers, flushing game, a steady retrieve, working to the whistle, directional controls and walking to heel off the lead. Come along for fun, experience and to really stretch your dog’s control and learning abilities. Suitable for everyone this is not just restricted to working breeds.



This popular workshop aims to teach your dog two of the most important lessons you can give them. These two subjects go hand in hand together and to achieve one you must have the other.

Does your dog walk nicely on a loose lead or do they pull you down the road.

Come and teach them how to focus on you and walk beside you in a happy and positive way building a great relationship between you both.

Does your dog come back when off lead? Are other dogs and people more interesting?
If you cannot call your dog back to you instantly you DO NOT have full control.
This workshop is aimed at giving you a reliable recall even when the going gets tough! 

Starting at the beginning we will shape your recall word to be the ultimate rewarding experience for your dog, we will then start to add in the distractions, diversions and real life situations to ensure you are confident and your dog totally understands what is expected of them.